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Why Choose Pool Tron,Inc

Dedicated Family Business

Dedicated Employees

Craftsmanship beyond no other

Speed And Reliability

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Tel: (314) 428 1971

Fax: (314) 428 3137

E-mail: dennis@pooltron.com

Web: www.pooltron.com


Building Pools In St Louis For 36 Years

Pool Tron has been building & maintaining swimming pools in the St Louis area for all 36 years. Pool Tron is a member of the Master Pools Guild. Pool Tron was inducted  by the Master Pools Guild in 1998 being one of the top elite Pool builders in the world

Building On Our Reputation


Recent Work

What We Do


Building  Shotcrete Pools In St Louis

We’ve got skills

Their is only one Master Pools Guild builder in one area.

Members are carefully selected based on their market position as an elite custom pool builder in their region – with a specialization in custom concrete construction for the majority of their pools.  They must be craftsmen, operating with a strong commitment to high quality, customer service and business ethics.

The Master Pools Guild was formed in 1962 by a small group of quality independent pool building craftsmen pooling their buying power. Pool construction was evolving with the marketplace demanding bigger and better designs than ever before. Over the next forty years Guild members worked together to build and service some of the most beautiful pools and spas in the world – sharing construction techniques and technology of both equipment and water chemistry.

About Shotcrete Pools  

   Today, mining companies, contractors and engineers have come to rely on the quick, effective method of pneumatically applied concrete And smart contractors know that if shotcrete is applied correctly using the right equipment, additives and technical support, a solid foundation is built for a successful project. That's why it is so vital to work with a knowledgeable, experienced shotcrete Builders.

Pentair Product Remodle

The Master Pools Guild- is global network of elite custom pool builders

Craftsmanship- Sharing their creative ideas,construction techniques and technology to build the finest pools in the world

Professionals- conducting business according to a Guild Code of Ethics